Imagine if you didn’t have to spend most of your day designing the same user journey paths with their myriad iterations, while struggling to jump these regulatory cinder blocks. That you didn’t have to launch your digital offering late and realize that your brilliant feature has been already introduced to your market. That you could focus on building and structuring these new and exciting paths that make customers stick with your digital banking application all the way through. 

Scientia knowing how truly important it is to be the herald rather than the follower of innovation came up with FinTech Insights. The digital banking research platform analyzes and UX evaluates digital banking offerings from banks and fintechs worldwide.


Boost your product design process

Screenshot of the walkthrough features video from FinTech Insights

Spend less time designing the same user journey paths again and again, trying to figure out how to apply this feature into your product design roadmap. With helpful walkthrough videos of user journeys through the FinTech Insights platform, see how others have already done what you are trying to do and implement it into your design. Take advantage of these design sprints and pay attention to creating the innovative features that will make your offering stand out over your competitors. 

Reduce innovation cost

Screenshot of US banks available features from FinTech Insights

Innovation comes at too great of a price. That’s the number one reason that hinders truly engaging features reaching customers. One look at the budget needed and your ideas are vetoed. This doesn’t have to be the case anymore. Using the actionable data and videos of the research platform, show your board how you can quickly and cost-effectively speed up your design process. and get that yes. Allocate the saved-up budget for creating user journeys that customers truly crave for.

Know what true innovation looks like

Sofi transfer money to own account via open banking

With an average of 15 distinct features, 6 major bank updates released and 1 customer need met every week worldwide, it’s impossible to keep up. It’s getting harder and harder to track what’s innovative and what is really impactful for digital banking users. With that in mind, FinTech Insights analysts have analyzed banks and fintechs globally while UX-evaluating their user journeys. By tapping into the most effective features and user journeys offered, you will be able to have an analytical overview of what is truly innovative and why. Discover how a really successful user experience motivates customers and minimizes in-app dropouts via bank and fintech comparisons.

Push true innovation

With continuously updated data on digital offerings and user journeys worldwide, you will never have to doubt yourself about creating something that really resonates with users. Know why a feature or journey is innovative and why. Through FinTech Insights, understand what features customers respond to and plan your product road map with the certainty of data-backed insights. Uncover gaps in your market, exploit them and be the first to introduce real innovation. 


  • 300+ unique user journeys analyzed with over 300,000 in total
  • All available channels analyzed: Web, iOS, Android, Apple Watch
  • Monthly workshops to keep you updated on all fintech trends, latest developments

Users of FinTech Insights have reported up to 50% boost of their digital product development and delivery time. They also noted a 60% product development costs reduction.

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See how your innovation process can flourish, unimpeded by regulatory and design obstacles.