If you're not a niche bank or fintech serving a specific target audience like Millennials, doctors, LGBTQi+, you’ve probably had headaches about which of your digital products respond best to which customers and why.

Catering to a broad market means that you have to consider different populations with different characteristics but with little view to how customers actually experience your products. As a result products are designed that don’t reflect customer needs and they need to be re-designed or be scrapped.

Knowing how all customers across all ages and backgrounds experience your products is fundamental in designing journeys that will keep them coming back to your digital banking.

Developed with the customers’ needs at its core, FinTech Insights, the digital banking research platform, can illuminate you on how the average customer or any specific customer you want perceives your digital banking features as well as your competitors.


Average Customer

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Discover how the average market customer experiences every journey for every bank analyzed locally or globally. Through FinTech Insights’ objective UX evaluation which scores user journeys using The Perfect 1000 methodology you will know how the average customer completes your journeys and how convenient it is for them across all channels.

Access videos and step-by-step flow charts that will pinpoint friction for customers in these journeys so you can design your digital banking offerings to alleviate them. Adjust and re-design your features factoring in real data on customers experiencing your products design and uncover the journeys that are more user friendly.


Bring your own personas

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Having discovered how the average customer experiences your products or your competitors' offerings, it’s time to know how every other customer segment does including your target audience. Whether you cater to Millennials, Boomers, Gen Z, with FinTech Insights you can see how each of these experience your product. Simply import your financial institution’s  customer personas based on  your team's research and tap into detailed UX analysis tailored to them. Understand how each of your target audience experiences your products as well as your direct and indirect competitors.

Roll out your new features in half the time with knowledge of what needs to be designed and with certainty that it will appeal to the totality of your prospective customers.

  • More than 300+ distinct user journeys analyzed to more than 200.000 captured worldwide
  • Videos from real bank accounts across the Web, iOS and Apple Watch channels
  • Downloadable market gap analysis and step-by-step flow charts

Discover more about FinTech Insights today by booking a free demo of the digital banking platform and sprint towards customer experiences that are unmatched.