Product development can become a very lengthy process that allows you little room to think outside the box about how to make a difference with your digital banking offerings.

By the time you complete your business analysis you’re already behind. The budget constraints, lack of available resources and unchanging business processes don’t allow you to speed up the process. 

After years of in-depth research and thousands of user journeys analyzed, Scientia having understood the core issues in product development created FinTech Insights. The platform that can help you boost your product development speed, increase and improve your design iterations. 


Cut down on your research time

Spend less time trying to figure out why customers respond better to your competitors or the best-in-class offerings in the world. 72% of the customers are not satisfied with their bank’s digital offerings. With unique and actionable data, find out not only what makes customers (un)happy with their banking, but what features motivate them to sign up with a bank. Tap into an extensive data bank and identify gaps in the market to exploit to your advantage.


Benchmark yourself against your competitors

Invest your budget and your team's efforts efficiently. Using FinTech Insights data on digital banking functionalities, discover how your offerings compare to your competitors' banks, the best neobanks and fintechs around the world. Perform user journey and features head-to-head competitor analysis in as much as 6 clicks, while decreasing your costs and manpower monitoring them. Find the best designed user journeys in the world and be the first to introduce them in the market. 


Make informed decisions about your product

Propose changes and feature redesigns to your digital offerings that are data-proven to be customer friction points. FinTech Insights analyzes your features and measures their UX so you can easily locate improvement areas for your product. Attend your product development meeting with complete business cases for a new feature you are trying to get approved. No more time wasted doing separate specific feature analysis for every competitor.


Stop trying to reinvent the wheel

Accelerate your digital product development by seeing how others do it and build on that. Save money and time trying to figure out how they do it, utilizing the platform's behind the log-in screen helpful feature walkthrough videos. Through FinTech Insights learn how others do it, how well they do it and what’s the most effective user journey for users. Know in what user journeys you excel. Design new or revamp your old features at the half time and with increased efficiency. Allocate your budget elsewhere and not to test out user journeys that others have already proven to work for the customer. 


Unburden your team

Don’t let your team burn out trying to achieve what others have already achieved. New regulations are slowing down your design process. Your team is struggling to find ways to bypass them and offer an efficient user journey. That can be extremely heavy for your UX designer team and certainly counter-productive for everyone. Using comprehensive flowcharts and videos of how others do it implement this knowledge into your design. Now, you can focus on what really matters: strive for these design features that make you stand out.

  • Over 300 unique UX measured User Journeys, more than 30.000 overall 
  • All major channels analyzed, including web, iOS, Android and wearables 
  • Bespoke reports, graphs and data sets in fewer than 7 clicks
  • Create scored user journeys to find out the top performers and where you stand
  • Weekly data updates and new banks added
  • Regular workshops with our product specialists

FinTech Insights users have reported 60% decrease in development costs and 50% faster go-to-market time.

Take advantage of actionable and constantly updating data and make your digital product development a faster and more efficient process, while staying ahead of the curve.

Book a free demo of FinTech Insights today and decrease your go-to-market time.