Back in January we were delighted to participate in the Breaking Banks fintech podcast Episode 372: The Nitty Gritty of Innovation. Our very own VP of Business Development, Erenia Kontolatou, had the chance to discuss with: 

With the constant change of the digital banking market over the last few years, Brett King led the discussion of how “competitive benchmarking can prime differentiation at a business plan level if you are a start up’.

Together they covered:

  • The challenging high-competition digital banking market for Legacy and Challenger banks


“It’s so important having organizations really monitoring what’s happening because we’re seeing changes happening every single day, (in challenger banks) while at Legacy banks upgrades will happen...maybe once a year”

Jim Marous

  • Scientia and its digital banking research platform, FinTech Insights, which analyzes banks and fintechs worldwide, while evaluating their UX
  • Frost’s strategy to differentiating the launching of a new smart digital bank account in the UK market
"We stood out among hundreds of Challenger banks utilizing Fintech Insights data"

Pawel Oltuszyk

  • How Frost leveraged FinTech Insights to benchmark itself against the other banks and fintechs in the UK market and create a better digital product and UX design

“We started with a small team, but we sharpened our competitive edge with FinTech Insights data" 

Pawel Oltuszyk

  • Benchmarking through banking organization comparisons: Starling vs Lloyds
  • Alternative day-to-day accounts (Google, Paypal,  Apple) vs digital banking accounts
  • Consumer perception for digital banking products through UX analysis

Breaking Banks Fintech Podcast

Breaking Banks is the number 1 global fintech podcast. Breaking Banks broadcasts/streams live every Thursday at 3pm Eastern (12 noon Pacific) in the US on AM 1160 WVNJ and AM 1490 WGCH Radio (New Jersey, New York and Connecticut) and via Voice America’s Business Channel. The podcast has attracted nearly 7 million listeners from 180 countries, with audiences in the US, UK,  Australia, UAE and Singapore. They have launched specialist channels for Europe and Asia, and the podcast available for download through iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, SoundCloud, Podcaster, etc.

Frost Challenger bank

Frost is a banking provider based in the UK. It offers its clients a digital bank account that can be opened in minutes and incorporates features such as detailed spending insights, setting goals and notifications. Additionally, Frost provides customers with the ability to exchange currency at the mid-market rate, with a small-fee and easy payments through phone number and international transfers.

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