Too often product development of a new digital offering becomes extremely tiring for teams.

Having to spend weeks to figure out how to design specific elements of a user journey without a clear roadmap feels like they are stumbling in an uncharted forest at night without a single light. They are trapped in routine where they design and redesign the same elements again and again, losing their faith in the team and their leader.

Scientia being in close collaboration with small and large development teams around the world has realized the need to take some weight off the team’s shoulders. For that reason it developed FinTech Insights, the digital banking research platform that analyzes banks and fintechs worldwide to offload some pressure from your digital banking team.


Simplify competitor research

Gap Analysis Revolut vs bunq

Researching your competitors one by one can be extremely time-consuming and without the proper tools confusing for your team. Instead of the limited to a portion of the market only and not at all tailored competitor reports, with the FinTech Insights platform you can have in a few clicks all your direct and indirect competitors offerings exhaustively analyzed. Enable your team to truly understand

  • where and why it excels,
  • what are the opportunities for growth and
  • what needs to be improved
through the platform's intuitive gap analysis. Do not limit your competitive analysis to close competitors but widen your lens to the whole world.


Streamline product offerings development

Alliant Credit Union KYC flowchart

Banking teams many times are required to recreate features that other competitors have without considering how they should be designed. The result is days wasted trying to replicate something that already exists. Through FinTech Insights’s analyzed digital features both in video and in flowcharts give your team a clear roadmap of the production development process. Discover gaps in the market and exploit them by being the first to introduce new offerings. 

Designing new features doesn’t have to bring your team close to a breaking point. Utilizing FinTech Insights's flowcharts, a team that has little familiarity with a particular set of features or an offering can draw important insights on how others have built it. Then your team can integrate this design into your own and adapt it, perform A/B testing and check the effectiveness of the user journey. Offer your team a step-by-step guide and avoid burn-out while creating offerings in less time.


Boost and strengthen business analysis


Business analysis takes a long time and might leave your team with a miss-calculated product development plan. Over time this can create friction for teams as many elements need to be re-designed, restructured or scrapped all together.

By joining FinTech Insights, you will in less than 7-clicks have access to always-updated data across all digital channels to create concrete business cases. Make informed and bulletproof decisions about your product development. Be certain that what you are trying to achieve will be able to be carried off by your team. Your team will no longer be overwhelmed by unknown or unexpected factors when you have laid out for them the exact steps on what they need to do and how.


Imagine your team's work-flow unimpeded and through proper planning and organization excitedly creating new features that will make you the customers’ number one choice for banking.

Explore FinTech Insights and discover how you can boost your team to create user journeys that matter without its members being overwhelmed.