Drill down into how specific features within a competitor's digital banking product change over time

Seeing how your competitors change specific digital banking features over time has many benefits.

It helps you gauge whether they're strengthening their position or falling behind, benchmark your own offering, and spot new trends.

Better still, it can inform your product roadmap and development decisions, saving you months of unproductive trial and error. 

But, unless you have an account with each competitor — and somebody on staff whose full-time job is tracking every tweak to every single feature on every channel — maintaining a complete historical record is impossible. 

Or, it was, until now. 

Recently, we launched FinTech Insights' historical functionality change, which enables you to see what a competitor has added (or removed) from their digital banking offering in a given period. 

And now, we've taken things further with a History button. 

Given the wealth of historical data FinTech Insights has collected over the years, adding the History button made perfect sense.

Pick any feature functionality from a competitor of your choice, click History, and FinTech Insights will give you a blow-by-blow account of every live implementation of that feature over time.