Instant answers to all your burning digital banking research questions


In digital banking, competitive analysis is a serious drain on scarce resources. 

90% of our clients tell us that they'd spend weeks or months trying to gather intelligence without finding anything, before they started using FinTech Insights. Or, if they did, the data would be inaccurate or out of date. 

The idea for FinTech Insights came about because we saw this happen, when we were still a new consultancy in 2017. 

But while FinTech Insights greatly increases the speed and ease with which you can get your hands on the digital banking data you need to succeed, its interface — like any other — has a learning curve. And parsing through the huge amount of data you can get out of it still takes time and effort (though less than traditional research methods). 

As it happens, technology has advanced to the point where this is no longer an issue. 

Meet FinTech Insights GPT: our proprietary AI engine, which can return the answers you need in seconds.