Welcome to the new and updated digital presence of Scientia. If you knew us before, you will probably notice that a lot has changed. To those who are meeting us for the first time… Hi, welcome, you will enjoy our new digital home.

A lot of things have been evolved in Scientia in the last couple of months. For starters, we all begun working remotely. This was not an easy process for us, not because we did not have the means and tools to fully switch remotely, but because quite frankly, we love coming to our offices. So, spending months apart, was peculiar for us, to say the least.

During our quarantine, we also decided it was time for a change. We needed a breath of fresh air, and a new digital presence that was clear and represented exactly who we have become.

It was hard, when we realized that we help number of Banks to flourish their digital banking propositions with our products and services, and we don’t communicate how we do it, properly. And we did it. We carefully crafted an amazing digital presence.

The process was long and difficult. We re-shaped our voice, how we wanted the world to perceive us. After that a plethora of prototype sessions were held, with hours of discussions over them.

Apart from choosing colors, logos, templates and all illustrative information, we also needed to start writing down our thoughts. Written expression is hard; it is not always easy to convey your message in a couple of lines and couple hundreds of words.

Now, after 3 months, many meetings, calls, conversations, late afternoon refinements, iterations and cups of coffee later we were live! It took a lot of effort from the entire team here at Scientia to combine the essence of us and our business lines into color pallets and logos, into small paragraphs and photos. Yet, we did it and we are very proud of it.

This is only the beginning for Scientia. There are so many things that we have in our plans to roll out in the near future, from podcasts with our Analysts and Partners, to our large library of videos explaining every aspect of our products and us. We look forward to building a community of FinTech enthusiasts and reshaping the FinTech ecosystem.

Let’s start now.