We are proud to announce our collaboration with Insider Intelligence on their newest US Banks study.

Having already worked on Insider's "UK Mobile Banking Emerging Features Benchmark 2021", our teams have found extreme value in working together and decided to use some of FinTech Insights' data once more. 

What kind of invaluable data could FinTech Insights offer?

FinTech Insights is a truly exhaustive and omnichannel platform. When one has access to the platform, they can get behind their competitors’ login screens and watch the step-by-step process of implementation of any digital banking feature, across banks and fintechs in the US and worldwide. When referring to omnichannel, we mean that the user could see how the exact same feature is implemented on web, mobile, or any other channel a bank or fintech might be using (see for example Apple Watch). The platform’s data vary from video recordings of real bank accounts, to screenshots of user journeys, to detailed flowcharts of those journeys. 


How will Insider Intelligence utilize part of this data?

Currently, it is imperative that reports have strong visual aids to clearly explain their findings. Through the FinTech Insights platform, one could see what features each bank does and does not offer. The FinTech Insights team is excited to complement Insider Intelligence’s report with screenshots of specific user journeys or videos of a hands-on implementation of a feature. This powerful research platform offers a way to visualize banking journeys by utilizing our always up-to-date, real-time videos. 

As a result, the reader could combine the numeric data of the Insider Intelligence report with visual data of the actual real-life feature implementation. Last but not least, since the FinTech Insights platform includes constantly updating data, it serves as a unique source of truth for the current state of the digital banking landscape. Consequently, it is a reliable cross-reference tool to confidently prove that the report’s data reflects how the bank or institution offers a specific feature at this point in time. 

We feel honored to be trusted once more by one of the industry’s leaders in the field of research. We are excited to share a sneak peek of the report once it is published!