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De-risking a make-or-break UX redesign

To fulfill their mission to take banking beyond borders, US challenger Zenus Bank needed to overhaul their UX to be as intuitive and user friendly as possible. FinTech Insights made this process quick, simple, and risk-free.

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The challenge

At the start of the project, Zenus Bank:

Didn’t have access to data that would enable to them to evaluate their strengths and weaknesses, or how they compared to their competitors

Lacked a clear understanding of customers’ pain points and frustrations with the current UX

As a small team of 30, they didn’t have the time or resources to dedicate to manually sourcing and parsing through such data

This made the project risky. Without the ability to make data-backed choices, there was no guarantee the UX redesign would succeed in boosting conversions and increasing customer satisfaction.

quote-start-blue We’re launching new features 4 times faster than before quote-end-blue

“With FinTech Insights, we no longer have to worry our customers might react negatively to app updates or enhancements. The platform has been instrumental in helping us understand what a good digital user experience should look like and grade our work.”

John Woods, Chief Marketing Officer
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How Zenus Bank used FinTech Insights

FinTech Insights enabled Zenus Bank to carry out an extensive benchmarking exercise, specifically:

Scoring existing UX flows for user-friendliness and ease of use to understand how real customers experienced their app

Comparing existing UX flows to best-in-class user journeys from global competitors, highlighting key differences and providing suggestions for improvement

Evaluating and scoring new user journeys and designs

User Journey Flowchart Analysis

quote FinTech Insights has shaved at least 12 weeks off the project quote

Zenus Bank’s target was to make 170 UX improvements to their app by the second half of 2023. With the help of FinTech Insights, they’ve:

Created more than a thousand new user stories to date (May 2023), putting the project at least 12 weeks ahead of schedule

Obtained a wealth of data on UX best practices,
removing the need for design guesswork or trial and error

Ensured they used their time, effort, and limited resources effectively, making informed decisions and developing solutions that would work in the real world

Act on hard data, not guesswork

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